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Vicar's View - December 2017 / January 2018

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It’s the 23rd of November. In two days it will be just a month to go. I can cope with that, but at the end of next week it will be December, and then it will start to feel really close. A couple of weeks after that I shall ask myself why I didn’t think about buying family gifts months ago, when I had more time. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, which will save all the trudging round shops of the olden days. Yet still there will be one more task to do, which given my particular run-up-to-Christmas schedule, often doesn’t take place until just before dawn on Christmas Day. Wrapping presents. Earlier in the year, I did have time to go into an actual shop to buy something for my wife’s ‘significant’ birthday. The shop assistant asked if I would like it wrapped. A grin came over my face, which grew even wider and threatened to erupt into convulsions when she went into a routine very reminiscent of Rowan Atkinson’s in the film ‘Love actually’ - a flurry of tissue, foil, ribbon and sprinkled silver hearts. She did something clever for the final folding and cutting which ensured the final wrap was millimetre perfect, and probably like every other gormless perfume-buying husband I trotted out the line - ‘You’ve done that before, haven't you’. Whilst Mrs H was pleased with the present, there was no pretending that I might have wrapped it myself, for that is a job I am not allowed to do!

At this time of year I take encouragement from the gift that is at the heart of our Christmas celebrations - the gift of the Christ-child. For years, many had written ‘Messiah’ at the top of their wish-list, in the hope and expectation that when, one day, the true ‘Father of Christmas’ granted their request, the gift would come wrapped in velvet and silk, trimmed with fur, with a gold crown on his head, and power and authority to change their world for the better. When the gift did come, the wrapping, was, to say the least, poor. Swaddling bands, and a rough wooden box which normally held animal food. No gold, no sprinkles, no crown. When the child grew up, many would remain disappointed that he did not appear to be the package they had been hoping for. But actually he was. Sometimes the most poorly wrapped presents, when given with love, contain the best gifts of all.

Stephen Hills

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